Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How ya doin' Hon?

After a year's hiatus, I'm back. The Salty Balty has been resurrected just as we say goodbye to one of the best bloggers in our state - a good friend to me and to many known in the blogosphere as Wordbones. I remember Dennis telling me that it's not important how long your posts are or whether every one is a gem, rather that its just important to keep at it - keep it going - keep trying to inspire a little discussion within your own community and of course, keep trying to improve it. But to aim to be to Baltimore what Dennis was to Howard County is a pipe dream. He was the "mayor" of Ellicott City and considering that we have an actual mayor in Baltimore, I'm going to have to get little more serious about my political aspirations if I even want a shot at that kind of influence. So, for now, just saltiness and oh, okay, a little sweet, too. And just as before - not everything is going to be about Baltimore - but most of it probably will be.

And so, with no more ado, its back. The Salty Balty. Welcome back loyal readers! Both of you!

Before diving in head first to some of the topics we really need to get chatting about - the rain tax, why county residents pay so little for Baltimore City water, BGE's rate increase, the downtown commercial office vacancy rate (and tax breaks for new construction), and property taxes - let's take a few practice swings, eh?

Honfest is this weekend and despite the fact that I live only 7 blocks from the "big show," I've heard almost nothing about it. Did it go away? Is anyone going? Is there even a contest this year? It would seem there is - and it is happening but there's decidedly less enthusiasm this year than there has been in the past. Which is a shame really because it started out as a festival to celebrate something many of us can identify within our own family - Hons! They're our grandmothers, great aunts, and sometimes only as far away as the nearest mirror. But a year or so ago, Honfest became more corporate than that - there was the trademarking fiasco, Gordon Ramsey's effort to save the failing Café Hon restaurant, and I think somehow, that started eating away at the excitement that use to surround the festival.

I have no doubt that it will still be well attended - but I am curious to see if there's a noticeable difference this year and what the vibe is - maybe I'm worrying for nothing. But, it would be nice to see the Honfest put a little distance in between itself and the Café that started it if only to make it seem a little less like Café Hon's personal piggy bank and more of a celebration of the entire neighborhood of Hampden. Committee anyone??

Who knows - I'll report back with the skinny on what it was like and (gasp!) maybe I'll even see if I can post right from Honfest itself (though that might be pushing it for someone who just joined Twitter.) Maybe it will be great - or maybe it will be like the food at Café Hon - a shadow of its former glory. We shall see...


  1. Hallelujah!! You're back. So exciting to see you on my blog feed. Love you!

  2. Thanks for the hearty welcome back!! I'm going to try and keep it entertaining but more importantly - just consistent! Gotta keep up with the fabulous Ferg Files!!