Saturday, January 8, 2011

C.I.L.T.... (Celebrities I'd like to...)

It occurred to me during an otherwise unceremonious trip from my office that there are people in this world with whom I have no immediate connection who really should be in my contacts list. For me, this wasn't really a revelation. It's something I've thought about a lot in the past - all piecemeal, of course, until yesterday. I decided I was going to create little categories (in addition to a few obvious ones) and neatly file away these people in my head so, if I do meet them, I'll know exactly what to do with our acquaintance.

Without any further ado.... Celebrities I'd Like To:


This is one that's asked over and over - ' Who's the one person, dead or alive, you'd want to meet?' Kind of trite, isn't it? Most people say things like John F. Kennedy (trust me, unless you're a 5'2" curvy blonde, he wouldn't really care about meeting you so... give up on that one) or Lincoln or some sports hero of times past. I'm not here to judge (well, I'll try not to anyway) so you can say whoever you'd like. I don't think this question needs to be limited to one person so in the interest of keeping our lists manageable, let's say we keep it to five people. Now, remember - this is five people you'd only want to meet. If you can see yourself having some sort of continuing acquaintance with them, don't add them to this list. Good. Just so we're clear.

Here you go - I'd like to meet (in no particular order) Jeff Bridges, Joaquin Phoenix, Queen Elizabeth II, Henry Every (pirate), and  Muhammad Ali.


Reserved for the people you think you actually have things in common with enough to form a friendship - we're not talking about a "I absolutely worship this person" sort of relationship. This is someone you could call up without getting nervous - someone who might add something to your life and someone whose life you feel you could add to (or whose life you could have added to.)

And we have ... Anne Bancroft, Ina Garten (you may know her as, The Barefoot Contessa), Billy Joel, Paul Newman, William Shakespeare.

Admire at close range.

These people are certainly not the kind you could call without butterflies wreaking havoc on your stomach. By now, you get the idea - we all have people who we think we could sit and listen to for hours. People that are both exciting and mesmerizing but perhaps people we're rather learn from than befriend. After all, friends you have to accept, warts and all. But to admire someone? Well you can keep the romantic notion that these people are as you see them to be. In the case of some celebs, you'd rather not look behind the curtain.

Dan Brown, Steven Spielberg, Judi Dench, Johnny Cash, Grace Kelly.

Take on vacation (with my friends.)

These people would keep conversation interesting but wouldn't be the type that would be so verbose that they'd ruin a perfect day on the beach. Maybe they're game for miniature golf! Maybe they, too, would like to watch a movie at breakfast every day. Maybe they make a great margarita. Anyway, that's the general guideline I used for my list but as we all like to unwind differently - I'm sure yours might have some variance from the list below.

Jason Segal, Phil Mickelson, Eric Ripert, G.Love, and Jerry Seinfeld.

And there you have it. I'm sure I'll come up with more categories and file people famous for various reasons under new and exciting headings. I'm also fairly confident that you thought this blog would be about something entirely different... perhaps, "Celebrities I Like To...." roll in zhe hay? Well then you were wrong, weren't you. That's way too easy. Let's challenge ourselves, shall we? Even if it is Saturday.

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  1. Very interesting picks...I would like to see your CILF list though just for fun :)