Monday, June 10, 2013

The Big Chicken.

I spent the day in Marietta, Georgia for work and stumbled upon one of the more amazing Americana sites I believe exists in our fair country - the big chicken.

After an unbelievable lunch at Williamson Brothers BBQ (I think we sampled everything on the menu and while I'm a devoted Andy Nelson's fan... This was it. Just it.), the guys I was in to meet with asked a simple question - "Have you ever seen the Big Chicken?" Um, no. Can't say that I have!

Apparently in Marietta (just outside Atlanta), people use the Big Chicken as a landmark around which directions are given, meetings are taken, and of course - chicken is eaten. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a giant chicken building and it clucks - not unlike how our Boh Man winks to our Charm City every evening.

 So, dear readers, I humbly submit two items for your bucket lists... 1) Make sure you've flirted with Mr. Boh in Brewers Hill atop a rooftop deck and 2) visit the Big Chicken.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Creature...

As there is less than an hour left in this day, I'm going to assume that this post will be read in the morning and so, I'd like to give you a little food for thought to go with your Friday morning coffee. Sound good to you? Great.

Randomly tonight, one of my favorite movies from my childhood popped onto AMC and it wasn't what you might expect it would be. Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954) has a special place in my heart probably because its the only scary movie that I've watched more than once.  Its plot revolves around a simple premise that there's a half-man, half-reptilian creature lurking in the depths waiting to grab your ankle as you swim - a thought that still evokes terror in both me and my sister. Because, after all, scientists are finding new species all the time, right? Just because most of them are thimble-sized frogs doesn't mean that one of them couldn't be the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Add all the CGI effects you want - for me, there's nothing scarier than being pulled beneath the surface of the water by an as-yet-unknown species. Even if, deep down, he just wants a friend. (From what I recall of our screenings of this flick in years past, I think we decided that the Creature might not be a bad guy - just misunderstood and perhaps a little lonely. I don't remember if there was a Mrs. Creature but I don't think there was... even for the CFTBL, a lifetime of celibacy is probably a dismal thought.)

I don't have a really clear recollection of why this movie was one of 5 we had when VCRs were still new - maybe it was a give-a-way and maybe my parents wanted us to have a healthy fear of the water (my dad was always trying to put a little fear into my sister and me to keep us out of serious physical harm- don't stand behind horses, no running by the pool, perhaps his more subtle message was 'don't wade into murky waters'... could he have meant the Inner Harbor?? Hell, if there is a Creature - that's where he lives. Count on it.)

But one thing is for certain - we can't be the only family out there that has a weird affinity for some random early fifties horror flick. Okay, maybe yours isn't a horror movie and maybe its a tad more current (or not!) -  but what's that movie that only you and your family (insert 'friends' here as appropriate) understand? Figure it out - and then try and track it down. It's going to rain this Saturday (buckets people - get your sump pumps ready!!) so plan ahead and re-watch something you used to love. I certainly enjoyed it!!